The tragic Story of the Doctor Who discovered Coronavirus.

In the past weeks the the Coronavirus breakout in China city wuhan and Still the virus is been  Li Wenliang ,who alarm other about coronavirus is passed away. The hero Doctor death is been confirmed by the wuhan hospital where he was under treated and also worked in the wuhan hospital.
story of Dr Li. tragic story of doctor who discovered Coronavirus.
Dr Li, is the first doctor who send messages to his fellow and warn them about coronavirus. He know what he is facing. After three days later the police visit to him and stop him from sending messages. But he keenly perform his great job at wuhan hospital. He return to work and caught the virus from his patient.
The Dr Li, treatment was continue for three weeks in wuhan hospital where he itself work.
Dr Li,  knew something which no will know. That’s why he decided to inform his fellows. He posted his story introducing and informing people about the outbreak of Coronavirus in wuhan last month.
Dr li was working in the front step of Coronavirus he don’t know that it will change the environment of the Wuhan .
When he noticed 7 cases in Wuhan less then in a day then thoughts its dangerious to whole world.
The cases come from the seafood market in wuhan. The patients were in critical situation in wuhan hospital .
So that he warn his fellow doctors in chat group to be alert and protect themselves.
The public security Bureau warn Dr Li to stop spreading rumours. The warning message was send to Dr li By PSB to stop  spreading the fake news and don’t scared the people.
After at the end of January he published the latter which was send by the police. Police apologized but the Coronavirus killed many people at that time.
No one knew that  the disease he discovered is new. Which will destroy the everyone of us.
After 10 days later on 20 january the china govt announced a public emergency and warn every one to stay at home to be save from the infection from coronavirus.
The Dr Li was  a hero of the real story behind and leave a message to the docters that doctors will be more afraid to issue early warnings when they find signs of infectious diseases.

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