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What is a VPN and How it works?

The word VPN stands for Virtual Private Network is a unique connection is used for privacy and for IP security. As an example, you are using the internet for special secret purpose and you want to hide your identity by using VPN you can do it easily. VPN privacy is increased with the virtual private Network which changes the IP address of the users that IP address show which provides by the server or networks provider. The User obtains the IP address of that city which has been selected from the VPN and Hide the exact location. For instance, may live in Dubai, but with the help of VPN you may appear in New York City. This is the magic which provides by VPN virtual private network. 
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Why do I need a VPN?

The question may arise in your mind that why do I need a VPN? There a lot of reasons behind the usage of  VPN but some of them we will discuss below.

1:Hide Your IP Address.

The main purpose of using VPN to hide IP(internet protocol) the address which hide your identity .when you connect to virtual private network they will hide your IP address and show the network provider IP .

2: Change your IP Address.

Using VPN will mostly change your IP Address to Network provider IPs. By changing your IP Address the location will be change to the selected country.

3: Protect your data Transfers.

Another additional features of VPN is responsible to protect your data transfers over Public wifi.

4: Hide Your Location.

You can choose the region or country by your own wish that will help you to hide you current location and show the chosen location you already selected.5:Access blocked websites.You can easily access the blocked website which is already blocked by government .just connect the VPN and go for it . 

Top 5 best VPN for PC.


the reason why we choose it the first VPN this is british  version which provide the impressive sever coverage this the most used vpn across the 96 countries.  This work on the multiple VPN protocols.

2: NordVPN

Nord  VPN is paid vpn which provide the best services of strong security. Nord VPN pass data to two different vpn servers this provide very tight security.

3: IPVanish

this is the awesome torrenting and other P2P traffic .This is also a paid version moreover there is not free trial version. The numbers of severs is above 1300 plus .this supported maximum 10 devices.

4: Hotspot Shield

This is a simple VPN and reliable to use the VPN server which provides the best security .you will like the great the performance levels . this VPN is more faster in uploading and downloading compared to our normal rates

5: Cyberghost

This is very strong and powerful client and still working to be easy in using .the complicated is this the UI of the VPN not easy to understand as like other there are the number of servers location. There are large numbers of servers the server  itself performed greater speed performance.

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