What is DELL EMC? DELL techonologies United States-Dell EMC |Complete Guide

The History Behind DELL EMC.

19 years old boy Micheal Dell founded the company in 1984 which is today known as Dell. After four years in 1988 knows in the public, increasing about $30 million and touch the figure of $85 million in a few years.

EMC has the best tech. In the 1990s the EMC has been declared the second successful stock on the wall street just behind the dell. Still, EMC selling successful data storage and data hardware management and software convincing its client to be interset in the EMC.

What is Dell EMC? Complete Guide and Explanation.

Dell EMC is an American multinational company that belongs to the Dell company family. Dell EMC is a multifunction and digital support company that provides a personal computer for storing data and networking with full security moreover it has secure cloud servers, infrastructure, and information security. 

Dell EMC gives support services to solve the problem of different organizations the customer's service over the 180 countries 7 days in weak and 24 Hrs. Dell EMC headquarters are in Hopkinton, Massachusetts in America. Dell had announced in October 2015 that it will hire the EMC according to report the dell acquired EMC on  $67 billion on September 7, 2016, and breaking the record until from that it's join called Dell EMC.after the merger with dell it grows up the products.

EMC stands for Egan, Marino & curly. Richard Egan is the Co-founder of EMC on the delegation of him the deal is done with dell.

Dell announced the first notebook computer in 1989s that year was the advancement year and creating a new technology that attracts the clients to first mobile advancement technology.

 exactly two years later dell sold the first color notebook computer in 1991s and more dell was the first at that which provides the long-lasting lithium-ion batteries. for the reliability of customer, dell started online customer support and began to sell PCs online the first online PCs was sold in 1996s from Dell.

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