What is AI? and how does it work?

What is AI? and how does it work?

Artificial intelligence is invention of science and engineering to give the abilities of intelligent to machines. with the help of computer programing engineer making intelligent machines. To give  the ablities to computer to understand the human intelligence as know is Artificial intelligence. AI take place late in 1955 . The founder  of AI  is  professor  John  Mccarthy has American computer scientest also know is the father of  AI.  AI fields improved day by days the new ideas has been discovered by the computer engineer and working on the hardware you may know or hear the words robat is also the create of AI Robat is the machine like human which perform different types of activities. Machines work like human if it have the bunches of info about  the world . The main concept of  AI engineering  to take work from machines and increase the intelligence level of  machines to understand the environment of the outside world .
Major Application of AI.
Everything  in this existing world have some application as same the case of AI. The major application of AI is given below.

1: The first and main purpose of AI to easy and perform the work of the human by their desires. The best examples is robat which perform different activities and different time . recently  china invent a robat which have the capabilities and work as news anchor for broadcasting news .

2:  It will be 100% true to say that google maximum run  by the artificial intelligence robats which perform different works and anaylize the data .

3: AI helps in the security for the different banks and industries ,data base, it has the abilities of recongnition of handwriting , face recongnition , speech recongnition and many more to secure the system.

4: The most important application in the field of space research and study . NASA sent robots to different planets for initial study .it has been sent to solve the complex problems of astronauts. Robots works as friend with the astronauts.

 AI rises in china at the different fields.

China has big plans to become a global leader in artificial intelligence. It has enabled a cashless economy where local people purchases with the face giant network of surveillance cameras with facial recongnition  helps police monitor citizens meanwhile some schools offer glimpses of what  the future of high-tech education in the country might look likes classrooms have robots that analyze students health and engagement level students wear uniforms with chips that track their locations .there are even surveillance cameras that monitor how often studentsc check their phones during the classes these gadgets have alarmed chinese netizens.

That is the one of the most largest experiments in AI eduction a program that supposed to boost students grades while also feeding  powerful  algorithms . The govt has poured billions of dollars into project bringing  together tech  giants startups and school. There,s likely no privacy protection at all in classroom student you really can’t anonymize this experts and citizens alike are sounding  alarms about  various aspects  of  the country’s huge push into artificial intelligence these classrooms are laboratories for future generations and while these new tools may potentially help some 200 million students raise their grades

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