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What is bitcoin and history of bitcoin?
In simple words, Bitcoin is a digital currency. which is not exist in the physical world as the country's currency or state. it might not be false if we consider as balance we can’t physically touch it. it often called cryptocurrency, virtual currency.
Bitcoin words is derived from two words which is “Bit” and “coin”. Many of you know what is coin where a bit is a computer-related word which mean binary number [ 1 or 0] the combined word is bitcoins. They are just coins that can be seen on the screen as a digital currency mostly used for the transaction .

The history behind Bitcoin.

Before bitcoin takes place in the digital market there were a number of digital currency with the bundles of issues like ecash protocols of David Chaum and the co-worker Stefan Brand due bundles of security and other issues these brand not use for long term at that time bitcoin glow into power. bitcoin was developed in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto with better and fast security and reliable for the user.

How does bitcoin work?
The Bitcoin is stored in the digital wallet the same as bank balance is stored in a bank account. Bitcoins can transfer and sell and purchase like ordinary currency. It is like a business can be bought and sold. Bitcoin can be compared with the state currency and the rate of bitcoin currency is different in different countries.  people buy on cheap rate and sell at a high rate to get earning.
How to be the owner of bitcoin?

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There are three main ways to get bitcoin.

Exchange of cryptocurrencies: there many exchanges present in the U.S and other countries that can exchange bitcoin on the ordinary currency .more than 3k exchanges are presented over there. The businessman does business with bitcoin exchanges.

Peer-to-peer purchases: it is possible to buy bitcoin from the owner through tools and like peer to peer. which is called directly deal between owners of the bitcoins .which is a secure and reliable way to find trusted .peer to peer tools are a bit quick,, etc.

Bitcoin mining: amazing way to earn bitcoin on a super fast system computer. A special computer is designed to start mining which consumes a lot of energy. This is out of the reach of many people.

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