Graphic Design| Definition,Tools,software need for graphic designing.

What is Graphic Designing?

In this article, we will discuss in details about graphic design stay tune. A question may arise in your mind what is graphic design? graphic design is an art of visual communication information to solve the problems and communicate ideas with the help of typography, image, logo, animation, icon, and texture form.
 Graphic designing is visual communication to identify a specific thing. graphic designing involves logo, banner, advertisement banner, ordinary cards, name of the company with multiples colors.
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 The Basic Elements of Graphic Design?

The elements of graphic design are the basic parts of graphic design which is necessary to learn every graphic designer. these elements help in the use of image-based include photos, logos, symbols, type-based designs, or maybe both.

Shapes: shapes is a specific structure that gives the meaning of somebody.
shape is space that is used and draw of the user wish to specific point can be colored, remove, transfer, where we need it.

Lines: lines can be curved, thick, thin, bold, it is used to draw the border between two colors and so many other places. the lines guide the viewer and give them separate looks.

Colour: the most important and attractive element is color .it attracts the viewer to visual clear looks. the theory of color should know the graphics designer. how to use it.

Type: type can convey the message from mere text to a work of design art.The style of the text and fonts usage and colored the of the text come inthe type. 

The software which use to learn graphic designing?

If you want to be a professional graphic designer you must have knowledge about the software's which is used to make logo design, icon, wallpaper, etc. There is much best software for working and learn the best graphic design but the best recommend software is given below.

1: Adobe photoshop
2: Adobe illustrator
3: Corel Draw