The power of 8th generation core i7.

What is the 8th generation core?

First, we have to define 8th generation core i7 "coffee lake S"  desktops.
Besides we have to define core i7 "kaby lake R" for highly portable laptops. If you are looking for portable laptops for highly graphic gaming and high functionality laptops then I will recommend  8th-gen core i7 "Coffee lake H" chips. You'd be right if you said that 8th-gen  Coffee lake is highly an improved form of 6th-gen skylake CPU, first introduced to laptops series in late 2015. the basic improvements have made by Intel in the 7th-gen Kaby Lake's video processing engine, it runs time at higher clock speeds than the 6th generation Skylake had. With coffee lake, Intel picks up the 14nm process and modify the deal out of it, enough to justify the 8th-gen "14nm++" moniker.


As we increase the number of cores the performance has increased. the processor Clock,s speed has 2.6 and 4.5 GHz with six cores chip. the core i7 model 9850H is compatible with the most demanding applications and games.

Power consumption

Intel fixed the TDP with 45 watts, therefore, the i7 processor is used for high laptops with the great cooling system. As much down the value of TDP, the CPU can also consume to 35 watt will reduce the power consumption.

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