What is 5G wireless mobile technology?

 What are 5G mobile and wireless technology?

As the world becoming advance day by day in every single field .the scientist invent new ideas and invention is going fast from time to time. As presented in the field of technology the 5G is the upcoming surprise for the internet user. it is not just the next upgrade in 4G but the climactic change in communication and internet downloading and uploading in eye glance. the U.S , China, Korea, and japan are working on 5G with high broadminded scientists .the china 5G technology tested in many cities around the world and launch in the buses and cars the IoT has been advanced with the appearance of 5G.
It is the next generation of mobile broadband that after all supersede, or upgrades the 4G. The speed is expected 10gbps up to  20gbps which will save a lot of time. It is expected that at the end of 2020  would be launched in major cities of the U.S and China. The first Huawei  mobile 5G supported has already available in the market .

How 5G wireless technology works?

Now we are headed toword 5G the next generation of wireless it will be the next generation of wireless, it will be able to handle a thousand times more traffic than today’s networks and it will be up to 10 times faster than 4G LTE just imagine downloading an HD movies in under a second and then let your imagination run wild 5G will be the foundation for virtual reality autonomous driving the internet of thing and stuff.
The millimeter waves.
Nowadays,s the wireless networks use a many offices and shops and cities areas of the suffering problem of consumer data than ever before, but it remains on the bands of the radio waves and frequency spectrum .as the bandwidth is less the more dropped occurs in internet connections. The experimenting show that the broadcasting on millimeter waves, which have higher frequencies than the radio waves and good for mobiles phones. The frequencies of millimeter waves is about  30 and 300 gigahertz as compared to the frequencies of radio waves is 6ghz which is used today,s. the wavelength of millimeter waves from 1 to 10mm that why its called millimeter waves.

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