Review of Iphone 11 pro and max pro.

Review of   Iphone 11 pro and 11 pro max.

Apple is  the  most powerful and secure IOS system .It has been improved day by day and create new feature in smartphone and other products. The Iphone 11 pro and pro max 11 is launched .it has been considered the most power smartphone ever. the triple-camera  arrey design give a new looks to the Iphone 11 which attract the fans and apple users. The aluminium chassis glass is used  which is the toughest glass protecter.the biggest difference is that you will between the three models immediately all physical is the Iphone 11 come in more playful colours purple ,white ,red ,yellow product and green whereas pro model come in midnight green space grey ,silver and gold. I  myself like the midnight green iphone 11 has typical new glossy feel to it  while the pro models has like the new matte glass. Which kind of this like frosted look and texture feel awesome I love the way it feels in the hand and its feel like that its is more comfortable and protected in case of any an ancident.

Apple,s new A13 processor.

The apple has new A13 processor which has a faster CPU and GPU which is improved better performance which will be able to see powerful apps and games as well.which will be able in much more effecieny in battery life.


To be honest I am really  excited about the Ultra-wide angle lenses that I have been include this time around because this making snapshooting making easier a lot  if you ever in tight spot or if you want to take pictures of landscape. This is a game changer in Iphone technology . Now with the pro model you do get telephoto lens that we  have in 10s versions you get much better high zooming function in this case.Apple introduced  a night mode so that,s something we,ve seen in the pixels ans Samsung phones. you gonna be able to take a shot which is completely in dark.all of iPhone user who havenot experience in dark shot before I am tell you that you will love this amazing feature of  iPhone 11 . Apple has also showed some video capabilities of iPhone are gonna be able to shoot 4K video 60 frame per second with both rearer and front camera so that is also a surprised for the users.

Iphone 11 official price?

Now  in terms of pricing the iphone 11 is going to be starting from  $6,99 US dollars and its amazing that its cheaper than  iphone 10 as compared.while pro models the 5.8 inch is going to starting price $9,99 US dollars and 6.5 inch is going to be $10,99 US dollars .its is much much nicer starting price for now and its has not yet come to market in some countries like India and Pakistan the expecting  that to appear in market and price is issued .at the end of the September will appear in market and the price is above one lacks in India and Pakistan expecting price is 155,000 RS.

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