Huawei provide best smartphone

History of HUAWEI company

Huawei is the multinational company is located and belonging to china and the spread all over the world. the mean headquarter has located in Shenzhen Guangdong.this company provides technology equipment likes smartphones, watch, etc. The company was found in late 1987.the founder of this company is Ren provide the quality smartphones and new invention in smartphones like a fingerprint, the AI camera and so on.the company product is spread over 170 countries and the trade is strong day by day the counter demand Huawei smartphones is increased with the time is almost on the top. the company manufacture communication devices in the consumer market. the report said that 188,000 employees are working in the circle of Huawei company and 76000 of them is working in research and development of new has 21 R&D institute in different counties. the whole investment is about to US$13.6 billion dollars.

The Product & Quality of HUAWEI.

the most important thing about any product is quality and multifunction. the Huawei product presents both quality and multifunction. Huawei brings a better change in its product for the customer as well as to the dealer. recently Huawei launched 5G in smartphones which strictly prevent by the U.S and the Huawei company in the united state after trade conflict between U.S and China. the Huawei makes sure that there is no cybersecurity risk. huawei is directly effected after the U.S banned the Huawei product in their consumer has reported that Huawei is the second-largest selling product in the market after Samsung telecommunication company. the trade war between U.S and china affects the Huawei product in international markets but still, try to maintain the situation.

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